Welcome to AnnaKare Learning, a natural health eLearning platform for engaging online classes and quick-to-absorb digital guidebooks and your trusted partner on your journey to holistic wellness. 

Our classes are for everyone. Whether you are a mom, caregiver, practitioner, health guide, wellness guru, or someone who is simply passionate about what you put into your body, our natural healthcare eBooks and classes are for you.

AnnaKare Natural Healthcare Products

AnnaKare Natural Health Care Products How We Got Started

But first, let’s explain how we got here. 

AnnaKare is a brand of leading natural healthcare products. Each one of our remedies and supplements is meticulously formulated by expert naturopaths, homeopaths, and herbalists and is quality-tested to ensure you receive the purest and most effective natural healing products.

We know we’re helping you find beneficial, natural solutions to your conditions when we receive positive reviews such as the following: 

"I refer A LOT of people to your website. Everyone that has taken the cell salts has had tremendous results. Keep up the great work. :)"

- Carolyn S

AnnaKare products can be purchased exclusively at HomeopathyStore.com. Founded by Anna in 2010, HomeopathyStore.com was created with a vision to offer high-quality homeopathic remedies and cell salts online, paired with a wealth of well-researched educational information on natural health. 

Originally called Anna’s Remedies, we introduced our own line of easy-to-use homeopathic oral sprays in 2016 designed to address common concerns such as cold & flu, stress, anxiousness, pain relief, allergies, and more. 

Over the years and with great care, more pure supplements were added at your request, including liquid vitamins and organic herbal extracts and most recently eLearning courses and guidebooks.

AnnaKare Learning: Online Self-Care Courses and Digital Guidebooks

In 2022, Anna’s Remedies changed its name to AnnaKare, and HomeopathyStore published its first online course. Introduction to Schuessler Cell Salts is a 90-minute course with homeopaths Jennie Hoglund and Kathy Yeo. 

The class includes real-life examples, stories, charts, and quizzes for easy learning and memorizing, and received overwhelmingly reinforcing feedback. Here are only a few examples:

“Brilliant, quick, and easy to understand.” -Tonya

“Loved how this course was taught.” - Sharon

“I didn’t want it to end.” -Arwyn

Supported by our community, we decided to apply the same diligence and enthusiasm we dedicate to our healthcare products and build an easy-to-follow eLearning program.

AnnaKare Learning was launched in 2024. Both courses and eBooks are instantly available after your purchase. Online classes come with long-term access so you can study on your own timeline and at your own pace.

At AnnaKare, we consider it a privilege to help you on your wellness journey with well-curated content by natural health experts with a passion for sharing their knowledge. We prioritize your health journey and want you to walk away from our courses and guides feeling prepared to tackle the majority of your daily wellness needs. 

You can read more about our passion for learning in our blog, 8 Reasons Why You Should Study Homeopathy

We hope you know that you can turn to us for any tools and motivation you need to make your health and wellness journey the best for you and your family.

Discover the benefits of a holistic approach to health with AnnaKare. We invite you to explore our range of natural healthcare solutions, whether it be our natural remedies or e-courses, to help you advance on a path towards a healthier, happier you. 

To embarking on your natural wellness journey and taking control of your health back into your own hands with the support of AnnaKare products and eLearning resources!

Be well, 

Anna 🍃