Intro to Tissue Salts eBook with chart

9-Page Cell Salts Primer with Detailed Chart

Are you new to the Schuessler cell or tissue salts or are you looking to have the most important information about these vital mineral remedies all in one spot?

Schuessler cell salts comprise the 12 most essential minerals our body needs to perform daily functions, protect it from illnesses, and help support and relieve many everyday wellness needs and health concerns.

Tissue salts are prepared as mineral microdoses. This is what makes them easy to absorb and deploy in the body and why they offer an array of benefits without over-supplementation.

This comprehensive 9-page digital guide includes:

  • an overview of what cell salts are and how to use them
  • a 4-page chart with each cell salt’s primary function, uses, facial signs, and assigned zodiac sign
  • the 3 most popular cell salt therapies
  • a coupon for the Introduction to Cell Salts Online Course with homeopaths Jennie Hoglund and Kathy Yeo

Download or print this colorful guide to always have the key uses of the 12 cell salts on hand or display the detailed chart in your home for easy reference. 

Comes with a notes section so you can add your and your family’s health needs and quickly recall which tissue salts benefit you the most.