Cell Salts for Women eBook

32-Page Cell Salts Guidebook for Women

Learn how to improve your health – physical, emotional, and aesthetic – with certified classical homeopaths Jennie Hoglund and Kathy Yeo and the AnnaKare Natural Health Team. 

Schuessler cell or tissue salts are natural remedies that have been used, studied, and made a difference in countless lives for over 100 years.

The health topics in our guidebook follow the stages of a woman’s life, e.g., skin, bone, and reproductive wellness, but many can be appreciated by all, including stress relief, sleep support, and weight loss.

This comprehensive 32-page digital guidebook includes:

  • a brief history of Schuessler Cell Salts and their discoverer Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler
  • a cell salts quick reference chart
  • details on how to use cell salts, optimal dosage and frequency
  • the recommended cell salts by homeopaths Jennie Hoglund and Kathy Yeo for 12 women's health topics including:
  1. Bones Health
  2. Headache Relief
  3. Menopause Guide
  4. Menstrual Cycle Support
  5. Metabolism & Weight Management
  6. Pregnancy Support
  7. Skin & Hair Care
  8. Sleep Support
  9. Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue Relief
  10. Teeth & Gum Health
  11. Vaginal Comfort & UTI
  12. Veins & Circulation Support

Download or print this comprehensive Women’s Guide to Cell Salts and take it and your Cell Salts Kit wherever you go to nip everyday health concerns in the bud, have natural pain relief on hand, and keep your mineral levels and well-being balanced. 

Take control of your body and feel and look better naturally every day with cell salts!